Episode 5: The River Giveth (Podcaster Tribute and Some Knitting)

It’s the GIVEAWAY show!!!

7:13-10:13 – Don’t miss the bizarrely awesome ART
27:00-42:00 – KNIT
42:00-52:30 – NATURE & SCIENCE
52:30 – Show goes out with more ART

The shows are also in YouTube (Episode 1 is on Vimeo).


  1. Felted Slippers by DROPS designs 104-4
  2. Mottled Fields Jacket in Knitter’s Magazine K108
  3. Oak Grove Fingerless Mittens   by   Alana Dakos
  4. For Good Hat   by   Megan Willliams
  5. Walnut Grove Shawl    by  Karrie Steinmetz
  6. Crosswords at the Coffeehouse Shawl  by   Karrie Steinmetz
  7. Beatnik   by   Norah Gaughan
  8. Snowflakes  Crochet pattern for KnitPurlGurl’s family

Go out and RAP someone! It feels great.

Yarns (numbers correspond to numbered patterns above)
  1. Cascade Magnum  100% Peruvian Highland wool, colorways 9408 cordovan, 9451 Lake Chelan Heather, 9550 Mediterranean heather, chunky to the max
  2.  Cascade Pure Alpaca: 100% baby alpaca. colorways 3032 Sapphire  and  3042 Mystic Purple, and Lime    & ShiBuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK 100% baby alpaca, colorway 229 bordeaux.  &  Frog Tree Alpaca  olive green  &   yellow

Berroco  Linen


Knittings my Bag   Etsy Shop

Blogs and Podcasts

KnitPurlGurl   Video   (amazing! her last post was lots of great info on podcasting)

Pauly Knits Podcast   Video     Positively Knitting Podcast  Video       Wolfe Farms    Video      The PlayYard’s YarnOverss  Video    Whatcha Swatchin  Video            Knit Spin Farm   Video         The Knitting Game   Video

And oh sooooo many in the RAP

  1. Beatnik with Whatcha Swatchin Podcast til Jan 10 Also my first sweater!
  2. Any Karrie Steinmetz pattern In Memory of Karrie   &    Snowflakes by Dec 10
  3. Afgahn Squares Rav Group  for Sandy relief effort by Dec 31
  4. Let’s Hear it for the Guys with Pauly Knits Podcast til Xmas 5
  5. For Good Hat with Stockinette Zombies til Dec 31
  6. And of course, What’s your CRAZY?

Gypsy Ditty    by  David Sachs

Knitting Podcasters RAP  by Natalie Cabrera,  David Sachs on Drums


2 comments on “Episode 5: The River Giveth (Podcaster Tribute and Some Knitting)

  1. mary says:

    Best of luck with your podcast….consider me a groupie…’cuz I loved what I saw.
    Great rap also. Your staging is BEAUTIFUL.

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