Episode 7: Winter is Here

Mostly Knitting
Nature starts at 52:30
HAPPY SOLSTICE and Happy Holidays

The shows are also in YouTube (Episode 1 is on Vimeo).



  1. Minutia  Tiny Sweaters by Berroco
  2. For Good Hat   by   Megan Willliams   ALL  $$ goes to  National Women’s Health Network
  3. Beatnik   by   Norah Gaughan
  4. Felted Slippers by DROPS designs 104-4
  5. Mottled Fields Jacket in Knitter’s Magazine K108
  6. Crosswords at the Coffee Shop Shawl  by   Karrie Steinmetz
  7. Seaweed Socks by Wendy Johnson

Go out and RAP someone! It feels great.   Pine Hills Scarf  by Natalie Ford   Thank You, Natalie!!!!  natalieford.com

Yarns (numbers correspond to numbered patterns above)
  1. Various Yarns
  2. Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino: 60% baby suri alpaca/ 40% merino, colorway 422 Earth, DK
  3. Snow Leopard Trust  camel wool, colorway Storm, Sport or DK?   Seriously, check out their whole website  amazing Snow Leopard and Mongolia pics
  4. Cascade Magnum  100% Peruvian Highland wool, colorways 9408 cordovan, 9451 Lake Chelan Heather, 9550 Mediterranean heather, chunky to the max
  5. Cascade Pure Alpaca: 100% baby alpaca. colorways 3032 Sapphire  and  3042 Mystic Purple, and Lime    & ShiBuiKnits Baby Alpaca DK 100% baby alpaca, colorway 229 bordeaux.  &  Frog Tree Alpaca  olive green  &   yellow  & teal
  6. Unwind Yarn Company Voyage Aran

Unwind Yarn Company   Etsy Shop      Slipped Stitch Studio chart keeper pattern magnets Etsy Shop

Blogs and Podcasts

Knit Spin Farm   Video      Hollywood Knitter Audio   Whatcha Swatchin  Video   Sock Bunny Knit and Fit Fitness-a-long                             The Story Collider  audio   The River Why  book by David James Duncan   Cat Bordhi’s Precise Cast On Tail Length    vs. Knitted Cast On by KNITFreedom                   TwoTangledSkeins (see Episode 18 at time 17:25  for their review of the chart keeper magnets!!!)                                   Pauly Knits Podcast   Video      Multicraftual   Video     Knitting Pipeline Whitetail Deer photos  audio

  1. Beatnik with Whatcha Swatchin Podcast til Jan 10 Also my first sweater!
  2. Any Karrie Steinmetz pattern In Memory of Karrie
  3. Afgahn Squares Rav Group  for Sandy relief effort by Dec 31
  4. Let’s Hear it for the Guys with Pauly Knits Podcast til Xmas 5
  5. For Good Hat with Stockinette Zombies til Dec 31
  6. And of course, What’s your CRAZY?
  7. Knit Spin Farm Walden Read-long &  Rare Breed Knit/Spin-a-long
Nature and Science Links

North Ronaldsay Sheep History      Spirit of Orkney North Ronaldsay Sheep info

Seaweed as Food Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company          Seaweed contamination levels

Bird Feeders by Massachusetts Audubon Society        Rabbit tracks direction                 Deer tracks info


Tin Cup Medley and Footprints in the Snow by David Sachs


One comment on “Episode 7: Winter is Here

  1. sarahbstar@gmail.com says:

    OH Sweet Nat Cat….I just love these blogs…..it makes me both miss you terribly yet rejoice in your very existence! I love you sister!

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