Happy High Winter and, Update on more to come

Hey everybody,

I just want to say hi before I head out for a bit of skiing. I plan to have a short special project focused video early next week, and a full episode by end of next week. Thanks for being patient with my erratic schedule and long periods between videos. (They are quite time consuming, but I love it and you are worth it!!!)

I hope you are having fun and enjoying High Winter**. 

Thanks. Love and Hugs,



** High winter (aka Groundhog day) marks the very middle of winter. A season is 12 weeks long, so the halfway point is six weeks. Winter begins on winter solstice, Dec 21. Six weeks later is usually around Feb 2. This applies to any season. High summer is around August 2, high fall is around Oct 31 or Nov 2, and high spring is around May 2. In the celtic traditions, these were the major pagan holidays, known as cross quarters (the solstices and equinoxes are the major quarters). They have names. High winter is Imbolc, high Summer is Lughnasadh, high fall is Halloween or Samhain, and high spring is Beltane or Mayday. Here is a simple pagan holiday wheel calendar. And here is a more astrological pagan holiday calendar. You can google any of the names for more info on how these holidays can be celebrated. For me, I’m off to snow journey and search for signs of spring.

Live it up!!! And I hope you all enjoy your laps around the sun!!


3 comments on “Happy High Winter and, Update on more to come

  1. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    Enjoy yourself, Natalie

    we can wait


  2. Simone Watts says:

    Hi nat! Aloha from Kauai! Enjoy the snow! I hope you got my last email…? W just got here and are so happy to e here. All my love, call me or I will call you soon. I surfed today and caught a bunch of waves, yaye! Xxxmonie

    Sent from my iPad

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