Episode 10: Grand Experiment – baby cardigan

Hi. An in depth focus on the development of one fascinating project!
Mostly knitting.
Nature – The American Dipper – 19:0021:40 plus scattered throughout

The shows are also in YouTube (Episode 1 is on Vimeo).



  1. Gramps baby cardigan by Tin Can Knits

Yarns (numbers correspond to numbered patterns above)

  1. The Woolen Rabbit  Frolic worsted in Caramel Latte and Forever in Blue Jeans colorways  Pixie sport in Henny Penny  100% superwash merino

Blogs and Podcasts

Very Pink Knits – Grafting Ribbing,  Steeking



One comment on “Episode 10: Grand Experiment – baby cardigan

  1. MOMLET says:

    You sure worked your buns off on this one. Each experiment is a learning experience though and the next will be easier. The little pockets are sure cute too and the little cute buttons. love, Mom XXX OOO

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