Episode 14: Arch Canyon Day Hike

Not a lot of knitting.
Knitting Cameos at 1:00-2:00, 24:00-25:15, and 34:24-35:15.
The hike is an extravaganza canyon loop with amazing views, petrified wood, Anasazi ruins, and crazy creek ice. Put your boots on, lets go back in time to late March and early spring in the desert.
The shows are also in YouTube (Episode 1 is on Vimeo).



  1. Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits   (free pattern!)
  2. Crosswords at the Coffee Shop Shawl  by   Karrie Steinmetz

Yarns (numbers correspond to numbered patterns above)

  1. Cascade Hertiage Silk colorway #5631,  85% superwash merino/ 15% mulberry silk (sooooo soft and bouncy!), light fingering   and Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi, 80% Merino wool  20% nylon, fingering, colorway 307
  2. Unwind Yarn Company Voyage Aran


River Run by Paul Winter Consort  and the Lovely Canyon Wren


2 comments on “Episode 14: Arch Canyon Day Hike

  1. Anne says:

    Really enjoyed this, thanks!

  2. Momlet says:

    Beautiful but so steep it’s scary just to look at. So interesting too. Love Momlet.

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