Episode 20: California Love Rain

00:00- 8:45      Intro
08:45-21:55    Humboldt County 101 scenes
21:55-25:30    Monterey
25:30-29:59   Big Sur
29:59-39:40   Elephant Seals!!!
39:40-49:23   San Diego boulder hills
49:23-53:08  Wedding musical montage with Catalina
53:08-1:00:15 Carrizo Plain and San Andreas Fault
1:00:15-1:12:55 Water in Central Valley
1:12:55-End   Oaks to Love Rain Home

Yea!!!! Who LOVES Spring!!!!? 

No Show notes as there is little knitting in this one. ENJOY!!!


3 comments on “Episode 20: California Love Rain

  1. Some guy from way back in the day says:

    Ack. Video listed as private!

  2. Momlet says:

    Loved the video and your great explanations. Momlet XXX OOO

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