google drive embed test

Hey all. This is just a test. I am trying everything under the sun, everything in every tutorial, every different sort of platform, hosting sites, and method I can find out about to try to get a valid rss feed for iTunes. ┬áIt really seems like I will not be able to do it through the free blog. So, tell me if you please, do you care about iTunes? Would it matter if we just dropped the whole thing altogether? Only two people have ever directly said they would not watch if it wasn’t in iTunes. And now, since so many are having the same issues since Blip decided to stop generating a feed for iTunes many podcasters are in the same boat. And many viewers are fine using other podcatchers and rss readers.

So I hope as I make more videos and more into the future, we will all be fine without iTunes. Eh?

Update Feb. 17, 2014. I am going to see if Podcast garden will work as a host for the show, and in turn make it available in iTunes and other rss readers. Wish us luck…..!!!